Virtual Ardoch

If it wasn’t for the pandemic we would have hosted our Biennial leadership retreat this year at Ardoch, on the banks of Loch Lomond. We’ve had to postpone this calendar highlight, usually an amazing experience for so many third sector leaders over the last six years.

Usually, we handpick 16 inspiring leaders to spend the weekend with us, choosing their own focus, and creating the time and space to reflect together. This year, instead, we’ve created a mini, virtual Ardoch for you to choose your experience. Follow your own path to explore:

  • Renew and restore to make plans to recharge.
  • Time and space to reframe and reflect on challenges.
  • The sun, moon and stars to find inspiration.

Take ten minutes over lunch to explore the activity as much as you like. But then make a commitment to take the actions you need as a sustainable leader.