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The Lasting Difference:

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The Lasting Leadership guide to Lateral Leadership

Lasting Leadership: succession, empowerment, equalities, self-care

Visit the dedicated Lasting Leadership resource page or download below.

The popular full-length book

Making a Lasting Difference analyses sustainability in more depth, with significant new contributions to understanding why and how organisations can be sustained. This must-read companion to our toolkit shares clear new strategies for policy makers, commissioners, funders, trustees, managers and staff. Buy it from Amazon or our partners at Flying Underground.

Lasting Leadership

The four capabilities of sustainable leaders, each with its own guide.

Guide to Lateral Leadership

Because leadership is in every corner of your organisation.

Guide to Succession Planning and Knowledge Management

Because succession is inevitable – but success isn’t!

Guide to Sustaining Energy, Focus and Self-care

Because the energy that drives us also burns us out.

Guide to Sustaining Energy, Focus and Self-care

Because the energy that drives us also burns us out.

Sustainable governance

Our sustainable governance self-assessment is unique in covering board behaviours, alongside skills and diversity. Enabled for text entry, it also totals up your scores for easy sharing ahead of or during board development sessions, strategy days etc. You can also use it with Lasting Leadership 2 for trustee succession planning.:

The Lasting Difference sustainable governance assessment

Capacity: individual, organisational and system-wide

Capacity is the theme that links all our guides and approaches. Addressing the hot topics in more detail, they provide additional inspiration, templates and practical help for today’s key challenges.

The Lasting Difference

Guide to Managing Capacity

Because spare capacity isn’t a luxury. It’s essential for survival.

The Lasting Difference

Guide to Sustainable Impact and Capacity

Because you can’t do it all.

Eight people on small separate islands help each other following a storm

Shine a Light: system sustainability, leadership and capacity

Because you already shape the system. You might as well get good at it.

Idea screening and selection. Five blue diamonds, one shining brighter.

Idea screening and selection

Manage some of your key sustainability and survival challenges by screening new ideas (and existing commitments?) against your core purpose, priorities and capacity.

The guide of guides!

Short of time? Need reminders and easy links? 5×50 is for you. All our guides summarised in 5-word and 50-word versions. Contains links to all the guides so you have everything you need in one place.


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