We’re delighted to announce we’ve now begun formally trading as ‘The Lasting Difference consultancy’!

The move puts our identity and resources squarely behind our core purpose – and flagship publications.

Initially in 2016, the Lasting Difference was just the name of the toolkit we were best known for. Then in 2017, clients and partners told us they wanted a dedicated website where they could view and share Lasting Difference-related resources. So we set up this site as a non-commercial sister site to the main company website (www.wrenandgreyhound.co.uk).

By August 2019, we realised we weren’t putting our mouth where our money was! Our Lasting Difference resources and work sat alongside our main consultancy practice. Although this funded our investment in the resources, it meant we didn’t give them the focus they deserved. We had a moment of clarity, or congruence, realising that we needed to practise what we preach: focusing on our core purpose and the impact we want to have with our limited capacity. This led to a number of changes in the company, and ultimately in 2020, the creation of a whole new suite of resources and services under the Lasting Difference and Lasting Leadership banners.

Which brings us up to date. We are now aligning our company identity with its core purpose: making a lasting difference! The registered company name (Wren and Greyhound Limited) will stay, but we’re trading as The Lasting Difference from here on in. We’ll keep our pledge to make this website as useful and freely available as possible. On that note, we’ve got three exciting new guides in the pipeline for release early in the New Year. Join our mailing list or give us a shout to keep in touch with how we can make a lasting difference together.