‘When people go on pilgrimage, they take a break from the everyday.

They consciously leave much behind.

They flee the hustle and bustle, travelling mostly by foot,

opening themselves to new encounters and conversations.’

(Village notice board, Franconia)


I’m just back from my planned sabbatical, climbing and volunteering in Franconia, Germany. Taking time out to breathe and find a vision for the future.

I didn’t realise I was on a pilgrimage though. Then one day, bouldering on limestone crags in beautiful woodland, I came out of the trees and onto the Jakobsweg, a pilgrim’s trail connecting to the Camino de Santiago. A village notice board taught me this and gave me the quote above and the blessing below:

Bless us (God)

And bless the earth that bears our feet

Bless the path that we take

And bless the people that we meet.

Isn’t that beautiful?


The future and the past

Now I’m back, my vision for the future is only partly formed, but it will be inspired by these thoughts.

However, I know I’ve achieved my vision for the past. I’ve put everything into The Lasting Difference since 2012. I’ve put myself out there. I’ve said what I wanted to say and made my contribution to the world. After taking some time out, I’ve found acceptance that I’ve taken it as far as I can. So, it’s time to change paths and update the signs!


The Lasting Difference toolkit

Cover page of the Lasting Difference toolkitAt the moment, people need to join our mailing list before downloading the toolkit. We’re removing this requirement and making it like it used to be – free for all, forever.





The Newsletter

People can still sign up for our newsletters, but this probably means there’ll be fewer subscribers. Fewer updates too. Just when there’s something cool to share.


This website

The website is a complete resource, it’s done. There won’t be any new publications* but the guides will remain there as free, shareable resources. I hope you will keep using and sharing them for as long as you find them useful.

(*probably! I’ve been running some well-received workshops on ‘Sustainable Strategy’ and may pull a short guide together sometime. Meantime here are some thoughts on what strategy is – or should be).


The Lasting Difference Symbol

The Lasting DIfference SymbolWe’re retiring the Lasting Difference symbol. This means that we’re not taking new applications, but existing holders are entitled to keep on using it.




The strategy

Guided by the stars - our why, what and howAll of this is a continuation of the Guided by the Stars strategy, updated here.

As soon as I wrote all this down, I found myself thinking about my work with proper energy and ideas again, for the first time in ages.

It’s not a closing, it’s a new path opening up.





‘Nobody walks the Camino and changes 180 degrees…One degree is still a change.’

Jason, On the Camino, Fantagraphics Books


‘Six weeks? That’s not a sabbatical, that’s just a long holiday.’

A publisher I met, freshly back from a one-year break.