If you’ve spent any time with us over the last year or two, you’ll know how much we encourage involvement and innovation as part of sustainable income generation strategies.

So it was great to recently come across a new approach to fundraising. SIVA brings together charities and stakeholders to identify fundraising ideas and develop strategies in creative ways.

Their first ever ‘free brainstorm for good causes’ takes place in Glasgow on Saturday 25th November 2017. Inspired by tech companies’ use of ‘hackathons’ and ‘sandboxes’, the aim is to harness the creativity and passion that the non-profit sector is so well known for. This first event runs in collaboration with:

  • Paws for Progress – a social enterprise dedicated to enhancing peoples and animals lives through educational programs.
  • Help for the Homeless – a voluntary group who help our homeless community through donations of clothes and food.
  • Volunteer Glasgow – a charity enabling the people of Glasgow to be more involved in their city.

SIVA call it ‘Philanthropy3: 3 Causes, 3 Teams, 3 Hours to Make a Difference.’ Here’s how it works:

  • An energetic room full of people from all walks of life, from active volunteers, students and professional fundraisers to local business owners and corporate workers will be split into three teams, each corresponding to one of the causes above.
  • After the three causes have presented, there will be the chance to swap teams. SIVA will then talk about the most effective fundraising campaigns over the past year.
  • Next, the teams will brainstorm fundraising ideas for their corresponding cause and, finally, each team will share their ideas with the whole group. After the event, everyone will be given the opportunity to take their ideas further with the help of SIVA.

Whoever you are, SIVA invites you to join in at this free event. Book your free ticket today and become part of the solution with like-minded, motivated people.