We’ve always said the way to cope with the sustainability paradoxes is to screen new ideas.

But we’ve not shared a ‘Lasting Difference’ way to do this. Until now.

Idea screening and selection. Five blue diamonds, one shining brighter.

Our straightforward new idea screening tool helps you assess new initiatives with long term sustainability in mind.

Fully writeable, it makes it easy to screen ideas, plan projects prepare funding applications, manage capacity – and stay focused.

A table with space to score and comment on: Physical capacity and resources Funding, budget and reserves Location, premises, storage Equipment (e.g. IT) Add your own criteria too and share notes with others.

It’s also customisable. Add your own criteria to those we’ve provided.

Collate your scores into one overall assessment. Make sure new ideas fit your purpose, capacity and external developments.

A table: final scores and comments for: Fir with vision purpose and outcomes Capacity and resources Policy and practice developments

The Lasting Difference Idea Screening and Selection tool even totals your scores for you, giving you a clear and simple overview of how new ideas stack up against vital criteria.

Download it here

TIP: The idea screening tool assesses your charity’s knowledge – vital for achieving any strategy. If you are interested in a knowledge-based approach to strategy, download the Lateral Leadership guide to Succession and Knowledge Management.