We’ve got just one goal for the year ahead:

supporting charities, social enterpries and public bodies to survive.

Please help by sharing the updated Lasting Difference toolkit – it’s available as a hassle-free direct download right here!

The first edition launched during austerity. This revised edition arrives during a global crisis. There’s no doubt Covid-19 has intensified the challenges, but the fundamental principles and practices remain.

Organisations that survived in the past, present and future:

  • Retain a single-minded focus on their core purpose. (See ours below!)
  • Evolve and adapt purposefully, knowing that sustainability is about change.
  • Involve communities and partners, sharing ownership and responsibility.
  • Take a holistic approach to income generation, knowing their costs and proving their worth.

The new edition sharpens things up with:

  • Revised indicators for Innovation and Improvement
  • Fuller, clearer Impact Measurement principles
  • New look self-assessment, scoring system and visual score summary
  • Aligned leadership content and overall design with the Lasting Leadership guide.

Over 6000 organisations have already benefited. But we know that thousands of others are missing out just when they need it most. Help us reach 4000 more in 2020.

Over the next few months, our single-minded focus will be on getting the toolkit to every charity, social enterprise, funder, and public body that needs it.Wherever you work, whatever your role, please help by sharing the toolkit with anyone who could benefit. Get yours here and start spreading the word!

Here’s what you can do to support nonprofit survival and sustainability:

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