volunteers in a garden

The gardening group, hard at work.

We’re delighted to award the Lasting Difference Symbol to Larkhall and District Volunteer Group (LDVG). The group deliver activities and services which promote the wellbeing of the 55+ community in South Lanarkshire. When lockdown happened in 2020, like most charities, the group had to rethink how they did things. Since then, LDVG have had sustainability in mind when managing change across organisation. They’ve retained the changes that worked for them as a service, while keeping their focus on the things that fulfil their core purpose. The group are currently working proactively to increase their self-generated income through social enterprise activities and fundraising.



Charity manager, Sandra McCrory, said,

“It’s very easy to be side-tracked and to spread ourselves too thin by taking on extra work that would be best passed to a partner group. Staying focused on our core purpose is a good lesson learned and following this process prevents us from diversifying from our aims and objectives.”

LDVG join our expanding group of Symbol holders with access to peer networking and support opportunities. Our next submission deadline for symbol applications is 30th September, you can find out more and download our simple application form here.