It’s now five years since we launched the Lasting Difference toolkit for charity sustainability. Between 2013-2016 when we were developing it, everyone was talking about charity sustainability – but no-one was doing anything about it.

Five years, 7000+ organisations, 5 continents and 100s of workshops later, the world of charity sustainability is very different. It’s still the main concern facing the non-profit sector, but now people are doing something about it. It’s unusual to see a strategic plan that doesn’t mention it. Funders are addressing it more directly. Just about every consultancy has started referencing charity sustainability among their interests.

We haven’t changed the world, yet! But the definition of charity sustainability that we put into the world five years ago has stood the test of time (‘the capacity to make a lasting difference’). Our messages are widely accepted (e.g. it’s more than just money; sustainability is about change). And most importantly, the resources themselves (not just the toolkit but our ever-expanding range of specialist companion guides) are just as helpful today as they were in 2016.

People recognise themselves in the toolkit, because it was written from the group up, based on 30 years sector experience and direct engagement with 250 charities while we wrote it. We can only do this because we learn alongside the most creative, intelligent, vibrant and diverse organisations out there. Thank you for being part of the story. Let’s keep on telling it until it no longer needs to be told.