The Befriending Networks team

The Befriending Networks team celebrating their Welsh funding award.

Congratulations to Befriending Networks for becoming our latest Lasting Difference Symbol Holder. As a UK-wide intermediary organisation, supporting befriending services and projects, they face the challenge of sustaining income across each part of the country. They have worked hard to develop a strategy that supports income generation from different sources without getting pulled out of shape and have recently secured long-term funding to support services in both England and Wales.

They are very much a learning organisation, seeking feedback from their members to improve their own delivery. Chief Executive, Sarah Van Putten explains, “I hope that by becoming a symbol holder and maintaining our close links and using the new resources we can inform our thinking and practice over the next two years to continue our journey and ensure that we don’t grow too quickly or become unsustainable by poor planning, leadership or decisions.”

We welcome Befriending Networks to our growing list of Symbol Holders. To find out more, visit the symbol page.