Succession is inevitable. Success isn’t.

In the last year we’ve all been reminded that it’s not a case of whether you need a succession plan, but when. Successful successions are possible if they are planned early and managed senstively, as this case study from Community Brokerage Network shows.

After the first few years of very successful development, it was time to transition to a new chapter in the Network’s story. The board succession planning process was timed to inform trustee recruitment, but in turn it helped shape the organisation’s strategic direction.

We began by working with the Network’s board 1:1, meeting trustees to find out there individual views and intentions. We then facilitated whole board sessions where board succession plans could be explored for the trustees and chair. This in turn supported the board to prepare transition plans for the next stage of the organisation’s strategic journey.

The incoming Chair shared these reflections on the process a few months later:

The effectiveness of the board succession support can be seen in the continued growth of CBN, with demand for our services increasing. New brokers have joined in recent months and a third cohort of people are undertaking the SQA course in community brokerage that CBN deliver. The transition has seen stability and a good platform for continued growth.

Boost your succession skills

Our updated succession planning guide comes out in January 2022, incorporating learning from two years of focused programmes and consultancy. You can download the most up to date edition here.

Our Lasting Leadership e-learning course is an excellent way to explore board succession planning in more depth. 93% of previous participants say it changed their leadership practice. Sign up for our next intake here.

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