the Oxygen Works logoWe’re delighted to award The Oxygen Works the Lasting Difference Symbol to recognise their commitment to organisational sustainability. The team have used the toolkit as part of their organisational review and made clear decisions about what aspects of their delivery to retain and where to adapt. Working with their stakeholders, they found that messages about their purpose were mixed and used a full rebrand and relaunch to provide greater clarity.

As Leigh-Ann Little, The Oxygen Works CEO put it:
“Having a clear appreciation of the need to evolve and adapt is crucial to our organisation, it is vitally important for our stakeholders to understand and it ensures we are always striving to deliver outcomes based on need; and not just our own internal perception of need. It has made us braver in our leadership.”

The Oxygen Works Team


The Oxygen Works join our growing list of Symbol Holders who will be meeting this week to collaborate and share their sustainability practices.