Sacro staff conference

Sacro staff getting involved at their recent conference

We’re delighted to welcome Sacro as the latest member of our Lasting Difference Symbol Holders’ network. Sacro provide support for people in and leaving the criminal justice sector, for vulnerable people who are victims of crime, for people affected by homelessness and to people with learning disabilities and mental health challenges.

As an organisation, they have embraced the Lasting Difference capability of involvement by engaging with people from across the organisation in the development and implementation of their latest strategy. They are now implementing innovative ways of involving service users in service design, a core focus of their strategy.

They are also developing approaches to sustainable leadership and managing succession, investing in leadership development across the organisation and allowing the next generation of leaders to emerge.

Sacro have sustainability at the heart of what they do, with a focus on their core strategy and projects that fit with their core values.

Chief Executive Annie Mauger-Thompson said,

“We believe that this approach makes us braver – saying no is a brave thing to do – we will all be focused on our core and work towards a stronger organisation.  We will also get even better at the things we do best.”

As a Symbol Holder, Sacro join a network of committed organisations with access to peer support and priority places at Lasting Difference events.