The new Implementation Guide launched at the SCVO Gathering today, to a very engaged audience .

Like the Lasting Difference itself, feedback from participants shows that the Guide will help people to think in new ways about sustainability. You can download the Implementation Guide here.

The idea came from the 2017 research we did into how people use the Lasting Difference: most people find it straightforward but others said they’d like more guidance.  So, the Guide contains practical tools, timelines, ideas and real-life examples to help you lead your organisation, project or service through a sustainability challenge. It focuses on the importance of Individual Leadership for Implementation of the Lasting Difference.

When you download the Guide you’ll notice this is a consultation draft. We recieved some great comments and questions from the 100 people at today’s event. But we’re keen to build on that by hearing from you. Contact us once you’ve had a look, and let us know what you think. Early indications are that we should include the Guide within the main Lasting Difference toolkit. We should be able to do this as we develop the toolkit’s fourth edition in the next few months. Meantime, please go ahead and download, read, and lead the Lasting Difference!