Since it launched at The Gathering in 2016, the Lasting Difference toolkit and website have been used by many thousands of organisations to transform the way they work – thank you!

But many others are still struggling to find their way towards sustainability. What’s why we’re running a special workshop at the 2019 Gathering [Follow this link to book] to give participants hands-on opportunities to explore the toolkit and the practices of sustainable organisations. Whether your challenges are about income, capacity, impact or managing growth, this workshop will help you lead your organisation, project or team on its sustainability journey. It introduces clear principles and provides practical ideas and sensible plans for addressing sustainability.

Whatever your role, and wherever your organisation is in its development, this down-to-earth workshop will give you time and space to identify the next steps and how to take them. It will help you to sustain yourself as a leader!

The workshop is particularly designed for organisational leaders, business development people and fundraisers, but it will benefit anyone with an interest in leading their organisation through a sustainability challenge.