There is no sustainability without sustainable leadership. We’ve been researching the topic for the last 12 months and will be launching our inspirational new ‘Lasting Leadership’ guide with a one-off workshop at this year’s Gathering (19th Feb 2020).

Join us to explore clear principles, practical ideas and helpful tools for developing sustainable leadership capacity in your organisation. Our Gathering workshops have sold out for each of the last seven years – book your place now using this link:

We will be sharing a new set of responses to the topic based on our research and practice in three main areas:

  • Succession planning. Sustaining business-critical knowledge.  Developing capacity, contingency planning, and knowledge management processes. And, importantly, sustaining key external relationships.
  • Lateral leadership. Developing leadership in every corner of our organisations. Devolved working, decision-making and involving people at every level, to build leadership capacity across
  • An environment that supports sustainable leadership. Making our sector attractive for future leaders, whether young leaders or people new to the sector.  Looking after our current leaders and encouraging leadership equality and diversity.

This interactive workshop will introduce the newly produced resource that provides clear principles, practical ideas and tools to help leaders explore and develop sustainable leadership capacity in their organisation. Just like the Lasting Difference guide, it’s rooted in third sector practice, written from the ground up, and provides straightforward responses to an issue everyone is discussing.