We’re offering 10 subsidised places on a transformational Lasting Leadership programme focused on our soon-to-be published sustainable leadership guide. It will help participants to:

  • Plan succession and capacity building in their organisations
  • Develop their own and other people’s leadership skills
  • Delegate and involve colleagues more effectively
  • Adapt to the new world of self-managing teams, distributed leadership and employee empowerment
  • Address leadership as a feminist and equalities issue
  • Prepare for stepping up or stepping on in their careers.
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Our tried and tested programme approach provides creative, challenging, constructive leadership development among supportive peers. (Follow the link to see what has been achieved in powerful partnerships with funders, membership organsiations and Scottish Government).

This exciting new programme is a wholly Wren and Greyhound experience. It is made up of six full-day sessions between May 2020 and March 2021, with options for additional online participation.

The programme is non-profit, with a subsidised, fully inclusive fee of just £200+Vat.

Find out more by downloading the application information. Closing date: 14th February 2020.