Managing capacity by getting resources to match demand is the number one sustainability challenge for the sector. Our new guide offers fresh, practical ways to think about and take action on managing capacity.

Developed during the pandemic, but addressing the perennial problem of nonprofit capacity, it outlines:

  • Capacity Guide front page: a bath overflowing with waterWhat capacity is – a new definition
  • What it’s made of and how to measure it
  • How to manage it
  • Whether and how you can make more of it.

With 32 pages of all-new content, 100+ reflective questions and 12 real-life case examples, it’s the comprehensive, readable guide to managing capacity that everyone needs right now:

‘At times it can feel uncomfortable to read – but in a good way. Through that discomfort will come change.’

‘It’s a great mix of theory and practical changes.’

‘It’s a great resource – really valuable with lots of practical points to reflect on as I’ve come to expect from yourselves!’

‘Thoroughly enjoyed the capacity paper. Really spot on…a really valuable contribution that, in your diplomatic and encouraging way, tells us to face the hard questions head on and see that as part of a creative process that prioritises effectiveness and quality.’

‘It does exactly what it says on the tin. Loving reading the new guide on how organisations and indivs can align demand, resources and capacity; avoiding overload. A great free read for our times.’

‘Always insightful and useful step by step processes to lead our organisation through change.’

‘Very useful indeed. I found myself nodding a lot as I read it through – lots of common sense, expressed as always very clearly.’

Download the guide to Managing Capacity in our new-look resources section here.