VANL logoVoluntary Action North Lanarkshire (VANL) provide support to their local voluntary and community sector. They are looking to further build capacity of voluntary organisations they support by using the Lasting Difference toolkit to collaboratively explore sustainability.


VANL team photo

The VANL team exploring the octopus paradox!

VANL began their sustainability journey through a series of Lasting Difference workshops with trustees, senior management and the development team. They reviewed their own strategic objectives through the lens of sustainability and this has helped them to identify new ways of supporting others. They are hosting a Lasting Difference focus week at the end of April and are looking for voluntary organisations to come together. Through action learning they plan to explore sustainability challenges and develop actions to make a lasting difference.


In recognition of their commitment to their own and others’ sustainability, they have been awarded the Lasting Difference Symbol. We are delighted to welcome VANL to a growing number of Symbol holders who are putting sustainability at the heart of their strategic planning and ways of working.