A guest blog from Gordon Henry, Cumbria CVS.

For many in the not-for-profit sector in Cumbria the last 10 years have been difficult to navigate through. The excitement of working together to “do things differently and to do different things” creates opportunities but the prospect of being asked to do “more for less” is likely to pose significant challenges for an already stretched sector.

Bedrock Basics Project is working with 10 not-for-profit organisations that deliver services in Allerdale or Copeland in a four-session online programme called “Steering the Ship – Navigating Your Future Direction.”

This is a fantastic group made up of 8 paid staff and 4 volunteer trustees. We are working with an excellent organisation called The Lasting Difference to run this programme and each of the four sessions are being created and facilitated by their Leadership Director, Jen Curran.

Across the four 3-hour sessions participants have the chance to:

  • Step back and reflect on their current organisational position after a period of intense change
  • Assess their future developments against their organisation’s core purpose, values and aims.
  • Explore their organisational capacity and systems, ensuring these are robust and sustainable.
  • Consider how forthcoming changes (including Local Government Reorganisation) will potentially impact on their future developments.
  • Share their wealth of ideas, knowledge, skills, experience, expertise and learning with a supportive group of peers.
Our questions and reflections for you

As we head to spring, Bedrock Basics asks you to take some time out to reflect and consider:

What condition is your organisational ship in?

Are you clear on the direction you are going and why you are going in that direction?

What spare capacity (if any) does your current ship and crew have to do more?

We also invite you to take a dive into some of The Lasting Difference resources. These resources support non-profits with organisational and leadership sustainability. Free to download and use – choose the ones that are most useful to you and your organisation. You’ll find all the resources here

If you are part of a not-for-profit organisation delivering some or all your services in Allerdale or Copeland or to the residents of Allerdale or Copeland you are eligible to participate in Bedrock Basics group training and development opportunities and / or tailored one to one support, advice or assistance please get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you and to working with you.

Gordon Henry Development Officer, Bedrock Basics Project