We’ve updated our core Lasting Difference workshops, packaging them into three online masterclasses. They’re about supporting charities and social enterprises to survive and be sustainable in a post-pandemic world, so it’s only right that we’re including a range of special offers.

The masterclasses standalone but also form a coherent whole if you come to all three:

  1. Understanding sustainability in a recovering world – paradoxes, principles and practices
  2. Developing the five capabilities of sustainable organisations
  3. Following the exit signs – Exit strategies and sustainable impact

Read on for full details or download the programme overview here.

Our online learning experience replicates everything you’d expect from face-to-face participation…

  • Clear content delivery supported by slides, handouts & extra resources.
  • Full interaction, with audio, video, text chat, polls and shared notes.
  • Peer sharing and support with breakout spaces for small group activity, supported by members of the Lasting Difference team.
  • Specialist guest speakers bringing new insights and experience.


Enthusiastic feedback from our recent pilots shows that this new format is a successful way to achieve these core learning outcomes:

  • Increased ability to sustain learning and innovation from Covid-19.
  • Improved understanding of how to sustain work and/or its impact, using the five sustainability capabilities.
  • Improved readiness for transitioning from survival to sustainability, with clearly identified exit strategies.

Dates and content

Understanding sustainability in a recovering world – paradoxes, principles and practices

Thursday 17th Sept 10am-12.45pm       

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Understand the principles and develop the practices you need to survive – and sustain your work – in a post-crisis world. Use your learning from the current crisis and recent years to identify what to sustain.

‘Great session – feeling very inspired.’  

‘Brilliant. Well worth the time!’    



Developing the Five Capabilities   

Thursday 1st Oct 10am-12.45pm         

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Develop and apply the five capabilities of sustainable organisations, brought to life with practical examples and learning among supportive peers (Involvement, Income generation, Innovation, Improvement, Impact measurement).

 ‘These sessions are so incredibly useful at the moment!’

‘The toolkit is more relevant than ever now and I understand it much better than before.’ 


Following the exit signs: Exit strategies and sustainable impact

Thursday 15th October 10am-12.45pm                                                    

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Introducing and exploring the six possible exit strategies for any stage in a project or organisational lifecycle. Identify and plan for the most appropriate strategy for transitioning from survival to sustainability.

‘Very helpful and enlightening!’ 

‘Really enjoyed all three sessions – incredibly useful.’

‘Such a great experience.’ 



Each workshop is £60 per person, with a range of special rates to help the sector in recovery:

  • The programme is FREE to Lasting Difference symbol holders!
  • 30% discount for members of ACOSVO, The ALLIANCE, CCPS, Scottish Environment LINK and Voluntary Health Scotland.
  • 30% discount for groups funded by Corra Foundation, Gannochy Trust, Impact Funding Partners, Paths for All, Shared Care Scotland and TNL Community Fund.
  • For everyone else, book all three workshops for the price of two, just £120+Vat.

If you are a funder or membership organisation, contact us to arrange discounts for your members.


Booking and information links

Understanding sustainability https://lastingdifferencemasterclass1.eventbrite.co.uk/

The five capabilities https://lastingdifferencemasterclass2.eventbrite.co.uk

Following the exit signs https://lastingdifferencemasterclass3.eventbrite.co.uk


More information

The workshops are based on the poplar Lasting Difference toolkit. Now in a newly updated fifth edition, the toolkit is used by over 6000 non-profit organisations worldwide. Our single focused goal is to get this free resource to every charity, social enterprise and public body that could benefit. The Creative Commons copyright licence encourages sharing, so please distribute it widely and freely.

The Lasting Difference Symbol is awarded free of charge to organisations working towards Lasting Difference principles.

The workshops are led by Graeme Reekie, author of Making a Lasting Difference, sustaining non-profit organisations and their impact and lead author of the Lasting Difference toolkit.

Contact us for more information