Your time and resources are scarce. You want to use them wisely. Focus on what makes an impact.

Covid increases the urgency of building capacity, increasing resilience and expanding your reach with limited resources. This is sustainable impact. It’s the heart of your work. Our new free guide helps you keep it beating into the future.

The new 24-page Sustainable Impact guide is not a toolkit. But just like our free toolkits for sustaining organisations and leaders, it’s accessible, provocative and practical. Download it here and discover:

  •   Why it all starts with you – but don’t be precious about it!
  •    What services can do to make a lasting impact.
  •    Why organisations should plan like they’re going out of business.
  •    How to enlist partners and policy makers in spreading your message.
  •    Where communities come into it all.

The guide is based on seven domains, from individuals to communities. It’s full of tried and tested ideas and inspiration for what you can do in each area.

Seven circles, radiating like ripples in a pond

We’re releasing this guide as a free resource now, rather than waiting to include it as an additional chapter in my (more expensive!) book, though that will happen sometime too. I hope you find it thought-provoking and that it helps you to make a sustainable impact – let us know what you think!

Front cover of the Lasting Impact guide, showing a rings that look like a target or ripples on water